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New Defense Command Novels Coming Soon


The third and fourth books in Kenneth Tam’s popular Defense Command series will be released in little more than a month. The Hawke Mission and The Independent Squadron continue the adventures of rogue Commodore Ken Barron and intrepid Captain Karen McMaster, as well as new characters and conflicts that add deeper dimensions to the Martian War.

“Lady Lia Hawke is a riot,” Tam explains, speaking of one of the ‘guest stars’ of The Hawke Mission. “She has a charm all her own, and her chemistry with the main characters is magical.”

Lady Hawke’s role in The Hawke Mission remains unclear; it is suggested in The Almost Coup that Lia is the heiress to the throne of the Hawke Protectorate, but her pre-existing relationship with Ken Barron, Karen McMaster and Charlie Peters remains a mystery.

“It’s a fun relationship,” Tam promises, “and her influence is pivotal in a story that sees many problems in the independent colonies of the asteroid belt.”

The Independent Squadron is a different sort of book: much darker than the first three of the series, it contends with a civil war on the free asteroid of Egesta.

“Certain Defense Command officers spark a coup on an independent asteroid, and Ken, Karen and Charlie have to try to stabilize the situation,” Tam explains. “It gets messy — there are some heavy issues dealt with, but I think that seeing them through the eyes of these characters helps us understand them pretty well.”

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of these two Defense Command novels, after the first two — The Rogue Commodore and The Almost Coup — garnered rave reviews by readers from coast to coast.

“People keep say they’re addictive to read? I just know they’re addictive to write!” Tam laughs.

The Hawke Mission and The Independent Squadron will be launched on November 10th in the Hawk Lounge of Wilfird Laurier University’s Athletic Complex. Iceberg Publishing is partnering with the Laurier Sci-Fi Club and Laurier Athletics for the event.

The books will be available from Iceberg Publishing’s web store.