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Packed House for Defense Command Launch


The third and fourth Defense Command novels, The Hawke Mission and The Independent Squadron, were launched to a full audience in Wilfrid Laurier University’s Golden Hawk Lounge on Friday. During the event, which was held in partnership with the Laurier Science Fiction and Fantasy Club (Skiffy), and hosted by Laurier Athletics, Tam read from the Defense Command series, and answered questions about his writing.

“It was absolutely great,” Tam says, “the turnout was incredible, and the atmosphere was electric.” Many attendees were members of Laurier Skiffy. Mikael Christensen, the club’s Special Events Coordinator, was most pleased, “This was a great event. As a club, we like to support our science fiction readership, and of course our local authors. We got to do both with this event.”

Christensen also emceed the event as a representative of Skiffy. The Laurier Golden Hawk Lounge had special significance for the event as well. Having worked for Laurier’s Department of Athletics and Recreation from 2002-2006, Tam named the charcter Lia Hawke in honor of the Laurier teams.

“Working in Laurier Sports Information, I wrote many articles about our great Hawk teams,” Tam explains. “One way we always referred to our women’s teams was as the Lady hawks, and one day I realized Lady Hawk(e) could be a great character name. Now The Hawke Mission is named for that character.”

With demand for The Hawke Mission and The Independent Squadron already quite high, Tam was asked what was next for Iceberg.

“In the spring we’ll be launching a new non-fiction title from a new author,” he explained. “Next summer we’ll also have the next two Defense Command novels, as well as The Vengeance Equation and The Campaign Equation: Pathfinders. We had a great year in 2006 — we’re hoping to make 2007 even bigger!”