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Polaris 21 sees Debut of Three Iceberg Titles


Over the weekend of July 6-8, 2007, Iceberg author and partner Kenneth Tam was an author guest at Polaris 21, Canada’s largest fan-run science fiction event. This year marked Kenneth’s fourth consecutive appearance as a guest at the convention (formerly known as Toronto Trek), and saw the launch of three new Iceberg science fiction titles.

“It’s always a lot of fun to return to Polaris,” Kenneth said of the weekend. “It’s a real privilege to be asked back, and it gives me a great opportunity to interact with readers.”

Three new Iceberg titles were launched at the convention this year, two of them being the next installments of the wildly popular Defense Command series: The Gallant Few and The Jupiter Patrol. These two books start the 2232 campaign year for Rear Admiral Ken Barron, and continue the tradition of sometimes-humorous, sometimes-serious adventures for the officers of the Defense Command Navy.

“Defense Command is a lot of fun to write, and a lot of fun to read,” Kenneth laughs. “During my readings at Polaris, I couldn’t help but read selection from the Defense Command novels –– they’re always crowd-pleasers.”

While the popularity of the Defense Command novels continues to grow, the veteran Equations series remains the flagship of Iceberg science fiction. This year’s new Equations release is The Vengeance Equation, the sixth novel in the Equations series, and it debuted at Polaris 21. Carrying on the story from The Genesis Equation, this book explores the response of the Earthers and the allies to the return of their oldest and most deadly foe.

“There are two more novels in the core Equations series, and they have to go through some pretty dark places before they reach the end,” Kenneth explains. “The Vengeance Equation really reveals what the Earthers are facing –– an enemy quite unlike any they’ve dealt with before.”

Plans to have another Equations novel –– The Campaign Equation: Pathfinders, by Wes Prewer –– available at the convention were unfortunately pushed back.

“Wes is working hard on Pathfinders,” Kenneth says. “Unfortunately, he and his family have been going through some difficult times that have quite rightly divided his attention.”

Fans of The Campaign Equation series can check for updated information about Pathfinders’ expected release date.

With record sales and fan demand at Polaris, Kenneth and Iceberg Publishing hope to return to Toronto next July for Polaris 22. “It’s a great event, and I always hope to be invited back!” Kenneth remarks. “In the meantime, though, we have a lot of work to do!”

Over the next twelve months, Iceberg sci-fi hopes to launch two new series: John Fioravanti’s Genesis Saga, set in the Equations universe during the forty years between The Earther Equation and The Genesis Equation, and Kenneth Tam’s His Majesty’s New World series. Wes Prewer’s work on the highly anticipated Seas of Sand series is also ongoing.

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