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Polaris 22 Launches Three Iceberg Titles


The weekend of July 11-13 saw Kenneth Tam’s fifth straight appearance as a guest author at the Polaris science fiction convention in Toronto, Ontario. Formerly known as Toronto Trek, Polaris is the largest event of its kind in the country, gathering thousands of fans of science fiction to see their favorite actors and authors. This year’s event marked the launch of The Nemesis Equation, the seventh Equations novel, and The Canary Wars and The Forge Fires, the next two books in the Defense Command series.

“It’s always a great privilege to be invited to Polaris,” Kenneth explains. “We have a lot of fun meeting the fans of our books, and we’re in very elite company with the other guest authors and actors who attend.”

This year’s event heralded record sales for Iceberg titles, and was also the first chance attending fans of the Equations novels had to meet and have their books signed by Wes Prewer. The Campaign Equation author was on hand in the Iceberg Publishing booth throughout the weekend, signing Retaliation and previewing his upcoming work in both that series and in his own Seas of Sand.

“It was very exciting to get to participate in Polaris,” he says. “I had a lot of fun, and I look forward to doing more events like this in future!”

Crewing the Iceberg Publishing booth at the convention were Iceberg partners Jacqui and Peter Tam, along with Mikael Christensen and Charles Chiang. In honor of Iceberg’s fifth straight year at the event, special ‘Defense Command’ shirts were issued to everyone involved, sporting the celebrated ‘black sun’ logo from Kenneth Tam’s series on the right shoulder.

“The Defense Command shirts are great,” Kenneth laughs. “We got the idea last year, after seeing the number of con-goers who wear costumes from their favorite shows. The patches generated a lot of interest, and we may even start selling them to fans.”

Special clothing aside, the convention was a great success for Iceberg Publishing.

“Over the past five years, we’ve been very successful in building Iceberg’s profile in the Canadian science fiction community,” Jacqui Tam concludes.

“We look forward to new adventures in that area, even while we continue to expand our non-fiction lines.”

With Polaris 22 behind them, the Iceberg team now turns its attention to the fall-winter production season, which will include special releases to mark the fifth anniversary of The Human Equation, the launch of John Fioravanti’s The Genesis Saga, and more books in the Defense Command and His Majesty’s New World series.

Stay tuned to for more news on Iceberg’s upcoming projects.