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Regaining a Foothold

Captain Stephanie Shylock.

It’s been nearly a year since my last note, and I’d make more apologies for the delays but I can’t, really: life’s been good.

I wrote extensively at the start of 2019 about the value I place in being a part-time writer, and my days spent with the researchers and grad students at Future Energy Systems are ones I’m going to value for a very, very long time. I look forward to continuing on as their Communications Manager for as long as they’ll have me, writing stories about their discoveries, and working with the single best team I’ve ever had (in real life).

But Alex, Stephanie and Strong haven’t been forgotten. The final year of novellas is at hand: starting next month with Foothold, we’ll return to the original schedule of releasing one novella every second month.

The lineup goes Foothold, Fate, Stronghold, Legion, Strong, Grace, and Our Fathers –– a seven-part final season that will see the whitecoat, her friends, and all the humans and dragons across two worlds deal with an incursion of the enemies who first appeared in 1942: the Scourge.

Some old-time readers of the Equations novels have inquired as to whether the Scourge are the Kroggs of that series –– whether these same aliens are somehow at work in two distinct timelines. What an interesting question.

But a much more important question is how prepared Alex, Stephanie, Strong and the rest will be for a small part in an interstellar conflict. Have the experiences gained over four years of battling Emily and her band of rogues shaped them into the kind of people who can turn back an alien invasion?

We’ll find out. And then, after these novellas wrap up 1945, there will be a closing novel: Graycoats.

Alex, Stephanie, and Strong are back for their final year together. I’m not looking forward to saying farewell to them, but it’s going to be a worthy conclusion to the legend of Whitecoat.

Stay tuned, more details to follow.