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Special Preview: Iceberg 2006 Sci-Fi


Iceberg Publishing will launch the first two books of its new Defense Command series in May 2006. Kenneth Tam’s The Rogue Commodore and The Almost Coup introduce readers to a brand new vision of the future, beginning in the year 2231.

While a growing Earth Empire expands out into the solar system, its former colony of Mars builds its own competing Imperium. With a burgeoning frontier at the asteroid belt, rampant piracy, and Imperial politics complicating matters, we witness the beginning of the unexpected Martian War through the eyes of one of the major officers on the Earth side: Commodore Ken Barron.

“The style of the writing in these stories is historical in nature,” Kenneth Tam explains. “They’re fashioned as though Ken Barron is writing them 20 years after the fact, as his ‘reminiscences’ (memoirs) — just with dialogue. He’s aware of the title of each book, he talks directly to his readers, and he’s not afraid to editorialize on events, or complain about previous accounts [fictional] that have gotten details wrong — but he uses his sense of humor to keep things moving and entertaining.”

This is in fact the third re-imagining of the Defense Command series that Kenneth Tam has undertaken, the first having been drafted beginning in 1995.

“Everything’s come a very, very long way over the last ten years, but some of the characters and ideas have remained, and have been blended with many recent concepts to create something new and exciting,” Kenneth says. “It’s great to be able to give some of these loyal old characters their day on the page, and I hope readers will be as happy to meet them as I was to bring them back.”

The Defense Command series will run at least eight books, with the expectation of more to come. “They’re each only about half the length of an Equations novel,” Kenneth points out, “and the nature of the story they tell offers plenty of exploration. It’s the story of the life of the main character, and since he’s writing 20 years after the war that begins in The Rogue Commodore, there’s plenty of history to be filled in.”

Early reports indicate the shorter length novels have the feel of an episode in a TV miniseries, with one test reader reporting that The Rogue Commodore flowed like a cross between The Avengers and Stargate SG-1. There’s humor, there’s action, and behind it all, there’s a compelling story and engaging characters told in a unique way.

Focus on the Defense Command novels will not take away from Kenneth’s popular Equations novels, “We left the Earthers after their victory in the Krogg War with The Earther Equation. In July we’ll release The Genesis Equation, and readers will discover that, forty years later, things aren’t going so well for the Earthers, humans, Larosians and Kroggs.”

Also planned for July of 2006 is veteran Genesis Free Press correspondent Wesley Prewer’s The Campaign Equation: Retaliation, a new short adventure covering the exploits of Commodore Ami Cairn between The Renegade Equation and The Earther Equation.

“Readers have had a preview of The 141st Flying Squadron in Wes’s [Genesis Free Press] reports, but he has a whole lot more in store for Ami Cairn,” Kenneth explains. “He’s adding a great deal to the back story and the tapestry of the Equations universe, and it’s great to have him on board!”

It’s going to be an exciting year for Iceberg Science Fiction. Stay tuned to for information on forthcoming titles, upcoming events, and for updates on the launch of