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The Frontier Launches in Newfoundland


Last Friday, Iceberg Publishing released The Frontier, Kenneth Tam’s second novel of adventure set upon His Majesty’s New World, in front of a full-house in St. John’s, Newfoundland. The launch kicked off the Sci-Fi on the Rock III convention.

“It was a pleasure to come home to release Frontier,” says Tam. “A lot of people have been waiting since last year to find out what happens next to Major Waller, Emma Lee and Smith. Now they have their answers… and more questions!”

The Frontier picks up a month after the events of The Grasslands, which debuted last year, and sets the stage for further books in the series.

“We haven’t determined exactly how long the His Majesty’s New World series will run,” Tam remarks. “But there’s definitely more to come.”

The launch was preceded by a day of interviews, including segments with CBC Radio One and the popular St. John’s television show, Out of the Fog.

“The piece for Out of the Fog was taped at the Johnson GEO CENTRE, where we launched the pocket paperbacks of the Equations novels back in 2005. It was great to get back under the planets there again,” Tam explains.

During the weekend following the launch, Tam was a guest author at the third annual edition of the Sci-Fi on the Rock convention. Other guests included Matthew LeDrew, author and publisher with Engen Books, who served as emcee for the Frontier launch, and Peter Mayhew, the actor who portrayed Chewbacca in the Star Wars films.

Over the course of the weekend, Tam worked with LeDrew on a series of writing seminars, which brought together aspiring writers from around Newfoundland to share ideas, talk about their projects, and learn new methods.

“Attendance in the writing panels was up this year, and we got to meet with a great group of people,” Tam says. “It’s always a pleasure to meet with storytellers, whatever stage in the process they’re at.”

“We always have fun working as a team on these seminars,” LeDrew adds, then jokes: “We’re pretty good at pretending to like each other – we can fool almost everybody!”

Tam jovially disagrees: “No one is fooled.”

Tam will be teaming with LeDrew again this July, when both will be guest authors Polaris 23 in Toronto. The event –– the largest of its kind in Canada –– will also see new Iceberg releases, including the debut of two Defense Command novels, The Mercury Assault and The Fleet Clash. It will also see the launch the hotly anticipated final Equations novel, The Destiny Equation.

“We’re coming to the end of the Equations novels,” Tam says. “But don’t count the Earthers out just yet!”

For more information on Iceberg Publishing’s upcoming projects, stay tuned to this website.