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Toronto Trek 20 Launches Four Iceberg Sci-Fi titles


The weekend of July 7-9th, 2006, proved a landmark one for Iceberg Science Fiction. With author Kenneth Tam celebrating his 22nd birthday on July 9, Iceberg launched four new science fiction titles, set in two different universes, all at the 20th annual edition of Toronto Trek, Canada’s largest science fiction event.

“This is my third straight time back at Toronto Trek as an author guest,” Kenneth explained. “It was a real privilege to be asked to return — they’re celebrating their 20th anniversary while I celebrate my 22nd birthday! And what better way to mark the occasion than with the launch of four new books?”

Released for the first time at Toronto Trek 20 were two new Equations novels: The Genesis Equation and Wesley Prewer’s The

Campaign Equation: Retaliation. The former is the fifth Equations novel, beginning the second half of the eight-book saga and featuring the Earthers and their human allies trapped in a web of political intrigue and insurrection, while the Larosians fight desperately to survive an insidious plague.

The Campaign Equation: Retaliation is the first in a new series of Campaign Equations — short novels that look at the Krogg War with new sets of eyes, introducing events and Earthers who never featured in The Renegade Equation or The Earther Equation, but whose activities were integral to the development of the central novel storylines. New author Wesley Prewer makes his debut with Retaliation, and he?s excited to be on board.

“I started writing in the Equations universe with the Genesis Free Press,” Wes explains. “This is taking it much further, and I’m really excited about how The Campaign Equations will develop.”

Wes is currently working on both The Campaign Equation: Pathfinders, and his own original science fiction series, The Seas of Sand. Plans call for future books in The Campaign Equation series will be written by a variety of authors, including Kenneth himself: “There are a few stories I wasn’t able to work into the Equations surrounding the Krogg War, and I’d really like to use The Campaign Equation as a vehicle to further explore some of our favorite characters.”

Released at the same time as the two new Equations titles were the first two books of the Defense Command series: The Rogue Commodore and The Almost Coup. Both books take place in 2231, in a style quite different from that of the Equations: they are the reminiscences of the main character, then-Commodore Ken Barron, who is writing his memoirs some 20 years after the events take place.

“Ken Barron is telling his story to the reader,” Kenneth Tam elaborates. “His sense of humor, his sense of history, and his cynicism all bleed through into the narrative, and he routinely talks directly to readers, explaining to them why certain things were done, and what the historical context for the actions were twenty years ago.”

This unique style draws on Kenneth’s background in the study of history, and was very well received by Toronto Trek attendees, who heard him read the Preface and the first chapter of The Rogue Commodore.

“The word ‘addictive’ was kicked around a lot by people who attended that Toronto Trek reading,” Kenneth laughs. “And that was only after the Preface and Chapter One.” Both the Preface and Chapter One of The Rogue Commodore can be found on the website.

With four new titles now released to unprecedented sales at Toronto Trek, and with growing demand for both the Equations and new Defense Command series, Iceberg Science Fiction has no intention of slowing down. Next on the list of upcoming releases are the third and fourth Defense Command novels: The Hawke Mission and The Independent Squadron, due out in the fall.

Equations readers will have to wait until 2007 for The Vengeance Equation (the sixth Equations novel), though options for new Campaign Equations have not been ruled out.

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