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Warm Reception for Defense Command Launch


The seventh and eighth Defense Command novels, The Sinope Affair and The Dark Cruise, were launched on Thursday night in Wilfrid Laurier University’s Paul Martin Centre. Iceberg partnered with Laurier’s Science Fiction and Fantasy Club, Skiffy, for the event, and it was a great success.

“It was really excellent,” Kenneth says. “We had a great turnout, and you couldn’t ask for a friendlier or more intelligent audience.”

Serving as emcee, Skiffy representative Mikael Christiansen began the evening with a discussion of the value science fiction serves in current society.

“Science fiction is more than just flying cars,” he explained. “The problems of today will probably still be the problems of tomorrow. Imagining a future where the circumstances are different can help people accept solutions to the major problems of our world right now.”

“You couldn’t ask for a better opening –– Mikael perfectly summed up my philosophy on writing Science Fiction,” Kenneth remarked later. Following the introduction, Kenneth talked about the latest two installments in his Defense Command series, and then read passages from one of the books.

“It was tricky finding a reading from these two that didn’t spoil everything in them, but there were a couple of great chapters in The Dark Cruise that avoided spilling too many plot details. They were a big hit,” he explains. Questions were fielded after the reading, and for about 45 minutes, Kenneth traded jokes and insights with the audience.

“Usually questions don’t run for that long, but we had a really great audience, with some wonderful questions and ideas. And laughs too –– we had some great laughs. It was a fantastic event.”

This was the secondbook launch that Iceberg has done in partnership with Laurier Skiffy, and the relationship is moving from strength to strength. Iceberg’s next major event on the 2008 calendar will be the launch of The Grasslands, the first book in Kenneth Tam’s new His Majesty’s New World alternate history series. That event will be held on Friday, April 18 at the Holiday Inn in St. John’s, Newfoundland. It will kick off the second annual Sci-Fi on the Rock convention, at which Kenneth will be an author guest.

Both The Sinope Affair and The Dark Cruise are now available at discounted rates in the Iceberg web store. The next two Defense Command novels, The Canary Wars and The Forge Fires, are currently expected in July 2008, along with The Nemesis Equation, the next volume in the Equations series.

Stay tuned to for news and updates about upcoming Iceberg events, as well as for author interviews and exclusive downloads!